Capital and Growth Plans for SME Succession

Who We Are

We are a Singapore head-quartered private investment and acquisition company, founded by an experienced entrepreneurial operator. We partner with small and medium-sized businesses in Singapore and Southeast Asia for a thoughtful acquisition and a succession plan.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create a better business ecosystem in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia through partnerships with SME’s and develop collective value by applying smart technologies in seamless, holistic, profitable, and sustainable ways.

Our Disciplined Approach

1Derlife Growth implements a strategic plan for sustainable growth. 

Financial and Legal Compliance

We ensure compliance and manage risks. We pride ourselves in handling financial and legal compliance management well and at as low a cost as possible.

Focus on Excellence

We provide specific and well-defined value creation plans. These plans create sustainable growth that leads to the company’s excellent standing in the sector.

Strategic Data-Based Approach

We believe in an information-driven approach. We build our business plans around industry and market research to maximize the company’s scalability.

Talent and Skill Enhancement

We value and leverage on existing talents and bridge gaps in the company’s workforce. Our network of experts and professionals help support and advance the company’s overall performance.

Action-Oriented Operation

We are fully committed to operating and building the companies that we acquire. We believe that real results come only after executing the plan, so we set goals and take action.

businesses we are looking for


• Stable cashflows year-to-year

• Low capital intensity


• Software and IT industry business serving SME customers

• A loyal base of customers

• Strong and dedicated customer service team

• Singapore or Southeast Asia Based


• Full or majority sale of the business


Gregory Lee has more than 30 years of experience in leading, operating, and scaling companies across multiple markets in Singapore, Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific, and the USA.

In his career, Gregory has raised capital and scaled numerous companies, small and large. He has also invested in over ten companies. His years of experience have led him to build a network of established financial and legal experts and advisors. These experts, who we tap for multiple 1Derlife Growth partnerships, are integral in bringing companies to compliance standards for scaling and operating following the succession. 

Now, with his team of talented management professionals, Gregory seeks to establish goodwill and long-lasting business relationships through 1Derlife Growth.


Ron Riosa, Head of Research (Market and Company Research)

Maria Garcia, Head of Talent Search and Management. 

1Derlife Growth is also composed of a network of global and Singapore-based advisors for financial and legal services, as well as experts from other areas who help better understand and characterize local markets and categories. 

Our Investors

1DERLIFE GROWTH is self-funded. Our projects are invested by a few strategically aligned, private investors and successful entrepreneurial operators.


We are looking for global-level talents to join our team.

1Derlife has a structured internship program for students. We aim to provide interns the opportunity to gain experience by providing opportunities to work on impactful projects alongside our professionals in the field.

We also seek to take on the best talents for our full-time positions.