1DERLIFE Careers

Digital Marketing Head

Job Description

The ideal candidate will be responsible for leading and running a team to execute the digital marketing plans on a daily/weekly basis. The role will be a hands-on execution role, rather than a strategic planning role.

1. Create digital marketing plans and its elements such as:

  • Website and/or E-Commerce site building
  • Search engine optimization/Search engine marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Social media management (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
  • Video production (YouTube, Tiktok)

2. Manage Google AdWords campaigns

3. As needed, work with the marketing and sales departments to generate leads for sales follow-ups.

4. Serve SME customers.  

5. Develop promotional packages

6. Liaise with marketing and business partners to plan and execute co-marketing campaigns.

7. Monitoring and analyzing the ROI of marketing campaigns.

8. Manage and propose marketing budget.

  • Competitor analysis and pricing research.
  • As the number of employees grows in the Philippines, be the leader of a team.

Requirements and Preferred Credentials


At market rate for the position OR above market rate commensurate with the candidate’s qualification.

Vision/Aspiration for the Position:

The company is expanding and will continue to expand into other categories and into other markets. The candidate, assuming good performance in the role, can be promoted to positions of greater responsibilities within and outside of the geographic region.

Interested candidates may send their resume at hr@1dlfg.com.