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Head of Sales

Job Description

The sales leader will plan, execute, and deliver detailed sales plans to drive growth. The ideal candidate
will be responsible for creating and executing the sales strategy and plan.

The Head of Sales’ role includes:

  1. The sales candidate is ideally an experienced sales leader who has been trained in sales planning,
    managing, and executing sales plans.
  2. The sales leader, if experienced must be able to lead, coach/train, and run the sales process in a
    methodical manner.
  3. Based on his/her experience, the candidate must know how to segment, classify, and prioritize the
    customer bases.
  4. Set and achieve quantifiable sales targets.
  5. Sales activities include selling additional new products and solutions to existing customers but also
    to add new customers.
  6. Working with the sales department to generate leads for sales follow-ups.
  7. Maintain a customer database that is updated frequently and used as a sales tool.
  8. Develop sales promotional packages, if needed.
  9. Manage and propose a sales budget.

Requirements and Preferred Credentials:

Full set of Head of Sales work will be required:

Interested candidates may send their resume at hr@1dlfg.com.